Toot and Shoot attended many holiday gatherings.

Toot and Shoot working together at a Holiday Party

Toot and Shoot at a  three day ISWM convention.

​Dick and Melody can cover any event ~ any style ~ any length.

​Ray (Bolger) taps ~ Dick toots ~ and Melody shoots

Toot and Shoot working in costume at a wrap party for the film, Mutiny On The Bounty

Toot and Shoot

​Dick sailing to work at the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, California.

Music ~ Photography  


Toot and Shoot are always great at weddings.

See Toot and Shoots link to for photography samples

Melody joins Dick in a Shoot and Toot collaboration.

(Available together or individually​)

​A Father ~ Daughter Duo

Toot and Shoot began in Los Angeles, California, as Dick and Melody provided the music and photography for many events, parties, and Conventions, both corporate and private. Many celebrities in the entertainment industry referred to us as Toot and Shoot.  Our websites  include names of many of our clients.


Let us make your occasion more memorable with Toot and Shoot.

​The original Toot and Shoot from the Los Angeles days.