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FACULTY (partial list)  Front Row ~ Left to Right​

Lucas Foss ~ Ralph Berkowitz ~ Aaron Copland ~ Serge Koussevitsky ~ William Kroll ~ Hugh Ross ~ Zvi Zeitland

Dick and Lee third row ~ a third in from the right above Zvi Zeitland.

​Berkshire Music Festival ~ Tanglewood ~ 1950

Kids from Rainbow House helped sell war bonds by performing at block parties.

Dickie Saunders ~ Center Front       Bronx ~ New York ~ 1942       

​Dick's Early Radio Days ~ New York                1934 ~ Big Brother Bob Emory's Rainbow House ~ WOR

Lee, Dick, and Melody ~  From the first meeting at Tanglewood in 1950 to Phoenix in 1953 ~To Portland in the present. A short history.

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Photos ~​Then